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Troyes compatible Playmats - (Players)

Troyes compatible Playmats - (Players)

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Mats for the Troyes board game (48 x 18 cm). Great for organizing all the meeples, coins, victory points, etc.
You can choose between the whole set, with all the colors or the units of mats you are used to play (in this case, you can send us a message with the colors you are interested in).

Choose the language you are interested in: English or español.
Unroll and go, your game is ready to start!

Shipped rolled up in a sturdy cardboard tube that also serves for storage.

Lightweight and flexible 2mm neoprene material allows you to carry it anywhere. Preserves both the table and your board game by preventing friction and cushioning game components. With stitched edges to last a lifetime. Thanks to our textile material, you won't have to endure the annoying reflections of board game boards; facilitating a perfect vision. Easy to clean: although machine washable (cold water) is acceptable, we recommend washing by hand and with products suitable for textiles. Treated material, does not give off bad odor.

☎️ Please add your phone number in the comments for more efficient delivery. Thank you.

Compatible product, not official.
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